The world reference stability analyzer

Turbiscan LAB enables fast and sensitive identification of destabilization mechanisms (such as creaming, sedimentation, flocculation, and coalescence…). A temperature-controlled measurement cell allows either stability monitoring at specific storage temperatures or accelerating the destabilization process.

Turbiscan LAB can be used in both R&D and QC labs for the development and routine control of raw materials and final product formulations. The instrument not only detects stability evolution at an early stage, up to 1,000 times faster compared to visual testing but also quantifies global formula alteration with the TSI scale.

How fast is the Turbiscan? Test our Shelf-Life Simulator and estimate the timesaving factor using the Turbiscan technology compared to visual observation

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    Technology                                                                   SMLS 880 nm
    Sample Cell Volume                                                   4 or 20 ml
   Temperature range                                                      RT – 60°C
Measured size range                                                  10 nm – 1mm
  Maximum sample conc.                                               95% v/v
  Reproducibility / Repeatability                                0.1 % / 0.05%
 Acquisition scan step                                                    40µm
Automatic samples recognition (bar-code)                  Yes
 ISO Certification TR 13097, TR 18811, TR 13014, TS 21357 Compliant
  Dimensions                                                                  38 x 42 x 32 cm
  Weight                                                                                13kg
Number of Samples                                                              1