Service and Maintenance Contract (SMC)

With our annual service visits in the framework of a contract you can always be sure to work with a precise and reliable instrument. We recalibrate your instrument, upload the most recent firmware, replace worn parts, and carry out small repairs if necessary. We can also provide these services on our premises for some instruments for your convenience.

Preventive Maintenance

Just like a car check-up before a journey, you can prepare
your instrument for times of intensive use with Preventive
Maintenance. On-site or at KRÜSS, we will put your instrument through
its paces and carry out the same comprehensive measures as with
a Service and Maintenance Contract.

Repair Service

There are two reasons why our instruments perform their laboratory work for a very long time: We designed them for reliability from the outset, and we carry out repairs as long as it is technically possible. You can also be sure that we will act promptly and that you will quickly have your instrument at your disposal again.

Instrument Replacement Program

Even after we’ve developed a successor instrument, we can continue
to repair your instrument. We can even upgrade it in some cases.
Or how about using a truly modern instrument to measure more
precisely or with a higher degree of automation? We take your old
instrument as partial payment in exchange for a new one as part of
our Instrument Replacement Program.