The unique platform for dispersibility & stability

TURBISCAN DNS is the first ready-to-use platform for dispersibility and stability studies. Dispersibility studies can be performed, while processing the dispersion (at flow) and on the native sample (no dilution, no added forces) via Static Multiple Light Scattering (SMLS), as recommended by the ISO TS 21357. The flow studies can be done by either pumping the sample from the process or reactor (circulation function of the Turbiscan DNS: T-LOOP) or by mixing directly in the measurement cell (mixing function: T-MIX). The stability measurement is done at rest and the Turbiscan DNS offers a fast (up to 1,000 times faster), quantitative, and reliable stability measurement of destabilization kinetics without dilution or mechanical forces. How fast is the Turbiscan? Test our Shelf-Life Simulator and estimate the timesaving factor using the Turbiscan technology compared to visual observation.

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    Technology                                                                   SMLS 880 nm
    Sample Cell Volume                                                   4 or 20 ml
   Temperature range                                                      RT – 60°C
Measurement while process                       Yes: Mixing & Circulation
  Maximum sample conc.                                               95% v/v
  Reproducibility / Repeatability                                 0.1 % / 0.05%
 Acquisition scan step                                                    40µm
Maximum measurement frequency                10 measurements/s
 ISO Certification                     TR13097 TR18811 TR13014 TS21357
  Dimensions                                                                   38 x 48 x 58 cm
  Weight                                                                                30kg
Number of Samples                                                              1