Graphene oxides dispersions Optimizing the dispersion of fuctionalized graphenes in different solvents


Graphene has come into the spotlight in nanoscience and nanotechnology since

it was discovered in 2004. Its unique nanostructure and extraordinary

mechanical, electrical and optical properties hold great promise for potential

applications in many technological fields. Consequently, many progresses were

made to provide commercial access to a large area of products.

Nevertheless, because of the cohesion energy between the 2D layer of

molecules, the use of graphene in a dispersed phase is still very challenging as

it is difficult to assure homogeneity in most organic solvents and water.

Recently, several efforts have been made to modify the graphene with various

methods to overcome this issue.

In this study extracted from literature, the dispersion of graphene

oxide and its derivatives was analysed in different types of solvents

to demonstrate the advantage of using the TSI to quantify and rank

solvent efficiency in dispersing these oxides.