Study of a slow breaking foam


Foam is a substance that is formed by trapping pockets of gas in a liquid (or solid).
Depending of the final application, they could be very unstable products with a shelf life that doesn’t exceed
few minutes (like hair foam) or more stable product with a shelf life of hours or days. In the case of shaving
foams, the stability of the foam has to maintain stable during the time of application at the body temperature
(37°C). Therefore the kinetics of breaking is a fundamental parameter for the formulator. However, this
characterization is very difficult to perform due to the fragility of the system.
Thanks to the Turbiscan™ technology and its ability to scan the sample over time, it is possible to study
and characterize all type of foam. In this application note, two different shaving foams have been
characterized in order to compare the stability of different formulation.