Size and stability control during wet nanomilling using SMLS technology

The demand for nanoparticles has been rapidly increasing with the growing nanomaterials applications – from construction and coatings to energy, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The particles are mainly preperd in a milling process during which bigger particles are reduced in size to meet the requirements for the application. The characterization of manufactured nanoparticles is essential to reduce material’s costs and assure quality and safety that are critical and can be highly difficult issues. Thus, the particle size and its evolution during this process are the most critical to address the issues of: end-user specification, possible agglomeration of nanoparticles, milling efficiency, optimization of the required process energy, process scaling-up… The demands for size and stability testing during nanomilling are high. The method must provide wide size measuring range (100 nm to 100µm), wide particle concentration range, very short measuring time (reduction of process downtime), non-destructive testing, sensitivity, high cleanability and safe operation with respect to nanoparticle risk prevention.