Thermomechanical Analyzar (TMA 800)

The TMA 800 is based on the proven vertical performance design utilizing a Oil Float Suspension System. Focusing on the stability needed for solid performance for coefficient of thermal expansion and other thermomechanical tests. The TMA 800 is capable of giving excellent data on a diverse range of materials. Operating over a wide temperature and under a range of modes to provide superior performance. A main source of mechanical stress and failure in electronics components and other products is thermal expansion. Determining the precise glasstransition temperature where materials begin to soften and stress relief effects can begin to occur, or the point at which delamination can happen, are critical factors affecting the performance of electronics. The new is a simple, easy-to-use, rugged Thermomechanical Analyzer that is ideal for measuring expansion of small components and low expansion rates of circuit boards, component materials, and much more. The TMA is a perfect solution for determining coefficients of expansion accurately and efficiently. The rugged, all-metal furnace is designed to deliver thousands of hours of safe, failure free operation at temperatures ranging from -90 °C to 800 °C. The motorized furnace lift provides smooth, precise furnace repositioning after loading, and it is linked with position sensors to ensure safe operation. And its height-to-width aspect ratio enables accurate measurements of any size sample from a few microns to a centimeter tall or more.