TGA – Thermogravimetric Thermal Analyzer  measures weight change as a function of time or temperature. Because this instrument uses a vertical design, it provides high sensitivity as well as a stable baseline performance. Evaluation of fillers, bound water, unbound water, antioxidants, and thermal stability are examples of some of the capabilities of this thermal analyzer.

Both of our TGA Thermal Analyzers are state of the art, reliable and easy to use with advanced options like Step ISO aids in the separation of components being driven off during a temperature scan. Accuracy and reliability are also hallmarks of the newly designed units. Examples of materials would include polymers, organic and inorganic materials, pharmaceuticals, rubbers and carbon black.

Thermogravimetric Thermal Analyzer

  • Research grade Thermogravimetric Thermal Analyzer
  • Temperature options: ambient to 1000C, 1250C or 1500C
  • Weight measuring ranges:  80mg or 400mg
  • Program rates up to 300 C/min for 1000C units or 60C/min 1250C and 1500C units
  • Vertical hang down system
  • Optional evolved gas analysis for FTIR and Mass Spec
  • Proprietary taught band design
  • Optional Step ISO software

TGA Literature