Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA)

The TGA Thermogravimetric Analyzer measures weight changes as a function of temperature or time. The system allows for multiple heating, cooling, and isothermal segments to be linked together to achieve a complex profile. Automatic gas switching is also supported during the temperature program. The vertical hangdown design offers stable and smooth weight readings to be recorded during the experiment. The TGA’s small mass furnace responds quickly to changes in the temperature profile and cools down quickly for fast turn around between experiments. Typical analyses for a TGA include percent weight loss, onset temperature calculations and residual weight. The TGA utilizes the advanced easy to use Infinity Pro Windows software. The acquisition program sets up the experiment and plots the real time data. The Analysis program performs all calculations and provides hard copy outputs. TGA is commonly used to determine characteristics of materials such as polymers, to determine degradation temperatures, absorbed moisture content of materials, the level of inorganic and organic components in materials, decomposition points of explosives, and solvent residues.