The high performance STA –  Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer  features 0.1 microgram balance resolution, advanced control algorithms with cutting edge design. Our highly sensitive heat flux plate provides accurate and reproducible heat flow data along with simultaneous weight measurement during the entire experiment. The instrument is ideally suited for evolved gas analysis, with its low purge gas flow and excellent sample environment. The STA can be configured to meet all your specific thermal analysis testing needs.

The STA is controlled by the Infinity Pro Thermal Analysis software. This unique Windows based software offers a very simple interface with all of the features you need to analyze your thermal data. The Infinity Pro software is available for Windows 7 and 10.

Features of the STA Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer include:

  • 0.1µg balance resolution
  • Vertical thermobalance system
  • True simultaneous DSC/TGA
  • -125 to 650C, 1250C and 1500C user exchangeable furnaces
  • Optimized for evolved gas analysis, FTIR or Mass Spec
  • Fast heating and cooling rates
  • High resolution electronics with USB communications
  • Infinity Pro Software with advanced analysis feature

With its advanced design, superior technical capability and intuitive, yet powerful software, this instrument family sets a new benchmark for performance and value in the thermal analysis laboratory.

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