Pressure is Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Pressure DSC is differential scanning Calorimetry under either high or low-pressure conditions. Raw materials and finished products are often processed or intended for use at conditions other than ambient temperature and pressure. Conventional calorimetry characterizes well the physical and chemical properties of materials. Now, pressure DSC extends characterization of materials to extreme pressures. A calorimeter measures phase changes, reactions or processes that absorb or release heat. A pressure DSC measures the effects of pressure on these measurements. DSC results are often different for samples analyzed in open versus hermetically sealed pans due to changes in pressure inside sealed pans. Pressure DSC controls pressure to study and understand the reason for those differences. Materials processed at conditions other than ambient temperature or products designed for extreme end use conditions can be better characterized at operating conditions using a controlled pressure DSC. The heart of the pressure DSC is a heat flux plate designed for to measure small energy changes with reliability versus not just versus temperature but also versus pressure.