2700 Z-Pulse (EIS)

Is Z-Pulse a simple Frequency Response Analyzer for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy?

The answer is no.   During the development of this impedance spectroscopy unit, we merged the needs of EIS with the possibility of high speed pulse and waveform generation, opening new possibilities in electrochemistry.

Using any of AMEL’s potentiostats, both compact and tabletop models, the resulting system can be employed for any application, from battery characterization to film deposition in ultra-fast pulsed mode and impedance spectra in galvanostatic or poteniostatic modes.

ZPulse software, thanks to its intuitive and easy approach, is really user friendly, allowing for analysis up to 1MHz. 5MHz sampling frequency pushes time resolution down to few microseconds.

Frequency Range1μHz to 10MHz
Amplitude20Vpp @1kHz
Noise±0,1dB if ±0,15dB if ±0,3dB if ≤ 10MHz
Frequency Range1μHz to 10MHz
Rise & fall time8ns
Duty Cycle0,01% to 99,99%
Jitter (RMS) 
Frequency Range1μHz to 10MHz
Simmetry0% to 100% in 0,1% steps
Period100ns to 1000s
Pulse Width15ns to 1000s
Edge Time20ns to 1s
Jitter (RMS) 
Frequency Range1μHz to 10MHz
Sampling Rate50MS/s
DAC Resolution14bit
Output Range±12V at frequency
DC offset±12V at open circuit
Resolution12 BIT
Accuracy0,4% of range
Power Supply, Connections and Dimensions
Computer ConnectionUniversal Serial Bus (USB)
Voltage Mains12 to 24V DC, 1A max
External PowerModel 2560 8-channel Power Supply
Single Power Supply (provided if Model 2560 is not present)
Dimensions (L x W x H)200 x 215 x 80mm

Specifications are subject to change without previous notice