Hydraulic universal testing machine – IBMU4 series


Available up to 3000 kN capacity.

Double test space is ideal for users that change in a short space of time tensile test and compression test, bending test, etc. A test zone is set up to the tensile test and the second test area is configured for compression or flexure test, eliminating changing times test accessory.

Compact design test high capacities without excessive height in the laboratory.

Hydraulic gripping heads embedded in intermediate crossbar for remote management. Remote controlled opening and closing of jaws and positioning of intermediate crossbar

Including bending and compression devices within the standard supply.


Product Description

Productivity and large capacity with double test space

IBMU4 series is characterized by a material testing machine with hydraulic drive, which provides a high productivity to users performing several types of materials testing in a short period of time.

Providing two test areas on the same machine, we can get ready for 2 different types of test, first a tensile test in integrated hydraulic gripping heads and secondly, a compression test, bending, etc.

The capacity reached by this series of machines is 2000 kN, which makes them an ideal choice for testing on corrugated steel structures, thick metal cylinders, chains, etc.

Advantages for materials testing

  • Double testing space to optimize test changes.
  • Execution of test 100% automatic, the movement of the hydraulic cylinder is performed by a high quality servovalve, ensuring high accuracy during the test.
  • Intergrades hydraulic gripping heads in the body of intermediate mobile crosshead, high stiffness and great clamping cylinders.
  • Automatic positioning of gripping heads by motorized screws.
  • 4 columns of high stiffness.
  • The force mesurement is performed by strain gauges load cell in series with the load piston.
  • The assembly formed by the hydraulic cylinder and piston are housed in the lower frame  providing a compact design consistent.
  • The test speed control could be done through force, displacement and strain.

Quality, calibration and more information

Testing machines IBMU4 series of Ibertest, have different testing devices which covers a large number of different tests to be performed and different materials such as:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Other metals
  • Composites
  • Wood
  • Cement
  • Concrete

Some of the test for this machines series are prepared for testing:

  • Bending test according to ASTM E290
  • Tensile test according to ISO 6892, ISO 1608, EN 10002-1 and ASTM E23
  • Shearing test
  • Compression test ASTM D695
  • Fatigue test (at low frequencies)
  • Others like NADCAP tests according to GE-S400, CREEP, ASTM E 139
  • Bending test

The maximum liability elements of IBERTEST testing machines are subjected to a thorough evaluation by our metrology laboratory where we have equipment calibrated and traceable as profile projector, hardness testers, roughness, coordinate measuring machine, calipers, thermometers, metrological reference tables, etc.

The IBERTEST testing machines not only ensure its quality through quality control of its components, but rather are checked globally and functionally, using a calibration by our calibration laboratory and official certification, accredited by ENAC (ILAC member) which issues a calibration certificate is valid internationally, according to standard ISO 7500-1 for calibration of test machines.








Maximum load

600 kN

1000 kN

1500 kN

2000 kN

3000 kN

Class according to ISO 7500-1

Class 0.5

Load measurement

Strain-gage load cell

Measurement range

From 2% to 100% of the load cell nominal capacity

Load resolution

5 digits with floating point

Load cell repeatability

Better or equal to ± 0.05 %

Columns nº (diameter)

4 (ø 100 mm)

4 (ø 110 mm)

4 (ø 125 mm)

Screw drivers nº (diameter)

2 (ø 120 mm)

2 (ø 140 mm)

Piston stroke

250 mm

Maximum loading speed

80 mm/min

50 mm/min

Piston displacement speed

160 mm/min

100 mm/min

Crosshead elevation speed

350 mm/min

200 mm/min

Free distance (between columns)

540 mm

565 mm

760 mm

870 mm

Max.distance between tensile gripping heads (piston stroke included)

780 mm

1000 mm

1450 mm

Max. distance between compresion plates

780 mm

850 mm

1250 mm

Displacement resolution

0,001 mm

Testing frame dimensions:(width x depth x height) mm

910 x 790 x 2640

1420 x 1150 x 3800

1500 x 1150 x 3860

Testing frame approx. weight

2900 kg

10.120 kg

11.000 kg

Hydraulic workframe dimensions (width x depth x height) in mm

910 x 980 x 1100

Approx weight of the hydraulic workframe

325 kg

Power supply

Three-phase 380 V plus neutral and earth, 50/60 Hz (to specify)