High security isolator under neutral gas filtered in depression or overpressure under filtered atmosphere.

Tests class of cleanliness ISO 5 according to norm 14644-1 on specifications.

Personalized project management with technical support and custom-made plans tailored to your requirements.


  • Quality control, Galenic R&D
  • Scaling and packaging of toxic and hygroscopic powders
  • Chemical synthesis and manipulation of active principles, cytotoxic and OEB4 – OEB5 products
  • Surgical implants manufacturing for the medical field


Customized isolator for any process in the pharma and medical sector.

Jacomex is the ideal partner for the pharma and medical sector requiring enhanced protection of operators, products and the environment. For all operations involving toxic powders, CMR, hygroscopic or oxidizable active ingredients, the G(Iso) is an isolator model offering simultaneous protection of the operator (operation in depression) and protection of the product (operation under neutral gas ).

The perfect expertise of Jacomex stainless steel boilermaking allows us to offer technical solutions and a finish in perfect harmony with the issues of cleanability: rounded corners, surface treatment, secure waste management, filter replacement bag-in-bag- out …

The G(Iso) model is an isolator that generally operates under controlled atmosphere vacuum.

Each project is uniquely studied by our engineers and our design office, which adapts and equips the isolator with features specific to your project requirements.

The installation ensures the safety of operators when handling active ingredients. The atmosphere can moreover be regulated in temperature, humidity and / or oxygen.