Modular glove box under controlled atmosphere, gas sweeping or climate glove box.

Constructed on the basis of standard or custom dimensions, it is suitable for any scientific or industrial application requiring a specific regulated atmosphere. A customized plan is developed according to your requirements.


  • Configurable climatic chambers:
    • Moisture (%RH): drying and/or humidification
    • Temperature: heating and/or air-conditioning
  • Development of Perovskite photovoltaic cells (PSC)
  • Low-oxygen reducing atmospheres protect against flammability or explosions (chemical substances, powders…)


The regulated glove box is a modular and custom-made glove box designed for experiments and processes under gas or specific mixtures.

Thanks to our range of equipment developed by our design office, it can be transformed into a climate glove box with adjustable parameters in both directions in pressure regulation, temperature, humidity, oxygen … Our expertise has created a very flexible enclosure in which you can generate cold or heat the atmosphere as well as moistening or drying the atmosphere and control O2 or CO2 rates…

It is available in standard and custom sizes.

The G(Box) glove box is a glove box with simple looks but incredible performance.

It is suitable for industrialists, researchers in biology or physics. Jacomex advises you on transfer systems, options and equipment that are ideal for your experiments such as perovskite photovoltaic cells, climate chambers, glove boxes for powder transfer or additive manufacturing.