All troublesome procedures on the conventional test methods have been removed by applying of Cosmo’s dual wavelength spectro-photometric method (U.S.Pat.4,843,247). Over 200 units sales numbers (Japan, U.S.A., U.K., and others)show its excellent quality and reliability. It can determine asphaltene contents based on both IP and ASTM Method at the same time. Available for measuring of Toluene,Quinoline Insolubles in taras and related materials for the carbon fiber industry. Conforming to JPI-5S-45-95.


Light sourceLED lamps
Wavelengthλ=750 & 800nm
Photo sensorSilicon photocells
(Cell length: 3.0mm)
Absorbency accuracy of soluble matter±2%

Method of PretreatmentMethod of Pretreatment

Operation FlowOperation Flow