High Shear Viscosity by Fluidicam

Turbiscan TRI-LAB is a multisample stability analyzer based on SMLS technology. It enables fast and reliable shelf-life studies of formulations (emulsions, suspensions, and foams). The Turbiscan TRI-LAB operates with 3 independent measurement positions for rapid and quantified comparisons of dispersion properties. The stability studies can be done from 20 to 60°C to mimic storage and shelf life conditions or to accelerate the studies. The technology guarantees a direct reading of macroscopic and colloidal stability without dilution or mechanical stress. How fast is the Turbiscan? Test our Shelf-Life Simulator and estimate the timesaving factor using the Turbiscan technology compared to visual observation.

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  Sample viscosity range                                        0.1 – 200,000 mPa.s
   Shear rate range                                                         100 – 105 s-1
   Temperature range                                                          4 – 80°C
Minimum sample volume                                                  < 500 μL
 Microfluidic chip                                          150 and 50 μm (glass or PMMA)
Syringe size                                                                             10 mL
Accuracy                                                                                     1%
Repeatability                                                                              1%
Dimensions                                                                     37 x 32 x 66 cm
Weight                                                                                       25kg