• ASTM D3242, GB/T 12574
        • The cutting-edge “machine vision” technology.
        • Using a high-speed micro-industrial computer and industrial-grade high-fidelity high-speed cameras
        • By establishing a mathematical model, the digital image is analyzed, the end colour is automatically determined, and the total acid value is determined. Its accuracy can reach more than 5 times the current standard’s repeatability, which completely replaces artificial naked eye recognition.

        The EIE-TAV-01 Automatic Total Acid Value Tester for Jet Fuel is a product independently developed by the Canadian EIE Company and has completely independent intellectual property rights. It is developed by referring to the manual titration procedure in the standard. It can completely replace manual measurement work.

        This instrument adopts the cutting-edge “machine vision” technology in the international measurement and control field, realizes the automatic completion of the total acid value determination work, and opens up a new field of “machine vision” technology application.

        The successful development of this instrument reduces the operator’s labour intensity and improves work efficiency. It also eliminates the individual physiological error and system error caused by the operator’s visual inspection of the colour to determine the endpoint. It significantly improves accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility, making the data more authentic and reliable.

        This instrument is easy to operate. The operator must first make preparations according to the measurement requirements specified in the standard and then place the sample bottle of the tested sample on the instrument’s measurement turntable according to the instrument’s measurement steps.

        It has a one-button start feature. By pressing the “Start” button on the touch LCD screen, the instrument will do automatic indicator filling, automatic nitrogen aeration, automatic stirring, automatic titration, capture the end colour described in the judgment standard, and automatically calculate and store the acid value result. The process does not require manual intervention, and the total acid value is determined automatically. The end of the measurement is accompanied by a voice prompt.

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