• ASTM D92, ISO 2592:2017, IP 36, GB/T 3536
    • One-key start
    • Machine Vision Technology to detect flash point
    • Widely used in petroleum, electric power, railway, aviation, water transportation, national defence and scientific research etc.

    EIE-FP92-3, the Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester, is developed by Etech International Enterprises Inc. (EIE) Canada. It adopts advanced design concepts and combines machine vision image recognition technology, which pushes the automation of the flash point tester to a higher level. It ensures the accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of the measurement. The traditional flash point method, electrode ion detection, which may miss the flash point caused by too small flash fire or improper flash fire position, is completely removed by the use of vision image.


  1. Machine vision technology is a cutting-edge technology in the field of automation and AI. It completely simulates the behavior of the human eye through recognition and processing of captured images, and exceeds the capture rate and resolution of the human eye. Thereby, the behaviors and actions that replace the artificial naked eye observation are realized, and the obtained results have high precision and good repeatability
  2. The machine vision open cup flash point tester uses the above technology, uses an industrial color camera, captures images in real time, and accurately captures the instantaneous flash point (or ignition point) through computer vision and pattern recognition algorithm programs.
  3. After many flash point determination tests, a unique and excellent application software was developed, and a mathematical model for judging the flash point was found, and the multi-dimensional accurate calculation from the area size, color, and brightness of the instantaneous flashing flame, coupled with the capture of more than 100 FPS of the frame rate is more sensitive than the human eye, and it can reliably capture the flashing moment of at least one frame, instantly determine the flash point, and read the temperature of the tested sample synchronously, which makes the flash point temperature more realistic and accurate, almost eliminating the Miss of flash point.
  4. The unique disturbance elimination algorithm realizes the detection of the flame state of the gas source igniter by using machine vision at the real time, and makes automatic ignition after extinguishing, so that the measurement avoids the high flash point caused by the missed detection temperature due to the extinguishing of the igniter flame, which makes the results more accurate and reliable.
  5. The high-speed and large-capacity computer hardware saves the measured video and the captured flash point image in the form of video images, which can be played back, so that the flash point results can eliminate disputes and have more legal significance.
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