• ASTM D323, GB/T 8017
  • One-Button Start. The tester can automatically perform the oscillation, measuring, recording, and printing.
  • An advanced 32-bit ARM processor, advanced sensors and conditioning circuits are adopted.
  • It adopts advanced wireless data transmission technology to minimize the influence of air leakage on the test.
  • 2 Groups of detection units are equipped.

The Canadian EIE Company developed the EIE-RVP-2 Reid Saturated Vapor Pressure Tester following ASTM D323 Petroleum Product Vapor Pressure Measurement Method (Reid Method). It adopts the most advanced international design concepts and test methods. After years of research and innovation, we finally design and produce an automatic measuring instrument for petroleum products’ vapor pressure. This instrument is suitable for determining the vapor pressure of gasoline and other volatile petroleum products and volatile crude oil as specified in ASTM D323 and fully meets the precision requirements. It can be widely used in petroleum, transportation and scientific research industries or departments.

Vapor pressure: The pressure produced by the gas phase when a liquid reaches gas-liquid equilibrium.

Reid vapor pressure: Using the prescribed test method (ASTM D323) to determine the vapor pressure of gasoline and other volatile petroleum products, the total pressure reading obtained after correction.

Vapor pressure is an important physical property of volatile liquids. Vapor pressure is a critical factor for automotive gasoline and aviation gasoline and affects its vapor resistance trend during startup, heating, and high-temperature or high-altitude operation. In some regions, the law stipulates gasoline’s maximum vapor pressure limit as an essential measure to prevent air pollution. The vapor pressure of crude oil is significant to crude oil production, refining operations, and initial refining processing. The vapor pressure can also be used as an indirect measurement method of volatile petroleum solvents’ volatilization rate.

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