Optical film formation analyzer

CurinScan CLASSIC enables simple and sensitive monitoring of microstructure evolution during a film formation process. The instrument precisely identifies open time, touch-dry time, dry-hard time or curing time… Without any contact with the sample, it is possible to characterize various products, such as coatings: paints, inks, polishes, resins. The open set-up allows the use of any kind of substrate: glass, metal, ceramic…

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    Technology                                                                 MS-DW 650 or 850 nm
   Applied thickness                                                        5 µm – 3mm
 Simultaneous measurements                                        1 to 4
Measured size range                                                    10 nm – 1mm
 Temperature range                                                                  RT
Measurement time                                                       Seconds to Days
Automatic application                             Compatible with automatic coater
Dimensions                                                                      70 x 60 x 62 cm
Weight                                                                                      45kg