CN analysis in very small samples using the Integra2

The Inetgra2 has expanded capability to measure C and N by elemental analysis – isotope ratio mass spectrometry (EA-IRMS). The extended range modifications now enable researchers to get down to sample sizes as low as 2.5 µg C and 1.5 µg N whilst maintaining excellent precision. These modifications are invaluable for researchers wishing to measure small samples, samples which contain limited organic content, or samples with large C:N ratios. The extended range set up reduces the amount of helium used to carry the sample through the system, thus reducing the dilution of the gas species of interest, whilst simultaneously offering researchers a reduction in operating costs due to the low consumption of helium. Extensive tests have been carried to ensure the background concentrations remain low. This application note details the hardware configuration alongside the operational conditions and timings necessary for the extended range set up.