3D Contact Angle


The new generation tensiometer for liquid and solid surfaces

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Getting rid of any user intervention and result interpretation whatsoever, our Ayríís uses groundbreaking technology for perfectly reliable QC checks of wettability. With just one click and in seconds, the 3D Contact Angle of water is measured and auto-validated with a simple passed/failed message using preset quality limits. The highly advanced 3D drop projection technique of Ayríís provides automatic self-checking of consistency and plausibility of each result. As a mobile, stand-alone instrument with easy-to-exchange rechargeable batteries and prefilled cartridges, Ayríís is prepared to operate 24/7 on your production site.


  • Quality assurance of cleaning steps as well as pre-treatment and coating processes

  • Determination of the wettability of solid materials before coating or bonding

  • Testing the effectiveness of hydrophobic coatings and other coatings

  • Mobile measurement on large workpieces and finished products such as automobile parts

Measuring methods

  • Evaluation of an exact virtual replica of a dosed drop reconstructed on the basis of reflection patterns

Measuring results

  • 3D Contact Angle of water

  • Clear result validation using custom-defined quality limits

Next level wettability control | Ayríís

Quality control has a definitive outcome: pass or fail. Ayríís gives the verdict for the wettability of your surfaces with the 3D Contact Angle – fast, mobile, and without user intervention. Watch how easy it is to set up and carry out the measurement and how quickly dosing cartridges and batteries can be replaced to use Ayríís 24/7.

The measurement: conceivably simple and definite

QC inspections for pre-treated or cleaned materials that simply always succeed without prior knowledge: with Ayríís, assessments of drop images or pre- and post-processing for difficult surfaces are a thing of the past. The technologically new 3D Contact Angle method provides an accurate and definite measurement value. Taking a measurement is correspondingly simple: place Ayríís, click, and read off the unmistakable result in seconds.



The instrument: created for QC

Set the quality limits for your different materials via the easy-to-use touch display and let Ayríís do the quality assessment with a clear passed/failed message. Nothing else is needed – Ayríís is handy, robust, and completely mobile without any additional hardware or software. The pure water required is supplied in cartridges that can be changed in seconds and are sufficient for up to 4,000 measurements. Inserting the commercially available rechargeable batteries is just as easy – nothing stands in the way of 24/7 use for your quality tests.



The technology: impressively innovative

In order to make the measurement from above completely user-independent, even for difficult surfaces, Ayríís introduces a completely new measurement technology: the 3D Contact Angle. 90 diodes arranged in a spherical cap generate light patterns whose reflections are registered by two cameras through the drop surface. At the same time, a laser records the surface height. A complex algorithm reconstructs the dosed drop as a three-dimensional object. Thanks to the large amount of data – even the dispensing volume is included as an additional support – an increasingly precise 3D image of the real drop is created until finally any error is excluded and the exact contact angle can be determined.