2551 Potentiostat-Galvanostat

The Routine Measurement Specialist

Model 2551 has been designed to be the perfect compromise between price and performances, without neglecting quality.

It has been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding users. This unit, along with the excellent reliability typical of all AMEL’s potentiostats, offers several new features, let’s check the datasheet! The instrument is fully controlled via VApeak software.


Counter Electrode
Voltage Output± 19V
Current Output± 1,2A max
Slew Rate0,01mV/s to 10V/s
ProtectionThermal, overload and short-circuit
Working Electrode
Current MeasureFrom 10nA to 1A Full Scale in 9 ranges
Current ResolutionFrom 10pA at 10nA Full Scale to 100μA at 1A Full Scale
Measuring Accuracy< 1% of Full Scale in 10nA to 1μA ranges
< 0,25% of Full Scale in 10μA to 1A range
Reference Electrode
Input Impedance> 1TΩ
Input Capacitance< 20pF (1m cable)
Biasing Current< 10pA at 25°C
Common Mode Rejection> 60dB full frequency response
Voltage Range± 10V max
Input BNCGrounded outer contact
Polarization Capability
Voltage± 10V max
Current± 1A max
Voltage Resolution0,1mV
Current Resolution10pA
Accuracy± 0,2% & 0,1% (conversion at Full Scale)
IR Compensation
Positive Feedback Range2Ω to 100MΩ (depending on current range)
Response Time
Potentiostatic Rise Time< 1μs resistive load (1000Ω)
Galvanostatic Rise Time< 17μs resistive load (1000Ω)
Meters and Interfaces
A/D Converter16 BIT
D/A Converter16 BIT
Temperature Meter0 to +100°C with PT1000 probe (0,1°C resolution and ± 0,2°C accuracy)
Sampling Interval200µs
Digital Interface
ConnectionUSB with full instrument control (baud rate 57600 – N – 8 – 1)
MemoryEEPROM 64kB – SRAM 32kB
Port Output8 external accessories
I/O port8 optional
Cell Connectionss
Cables2, 3, 4 cables. BNC connector for Reference (Hi & Low) and PL258 for Working and Counter electrodes.
Power Supply and Dimensions
Voltage Mains115 or 230V AC ±10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption60VA max
Dimensions (L x W x H)400 x 440 x 85mm

Specifications are subject to change without previous notice


ADAmperometric Detection
PDPotentiometric Detection
DSADouble Step Amperometry
DSVDouble Step Potentiometry
PADPulsed Amperometric Detection
LSVLinear Scan Voltammetry
CYVCyclic Voltammetry
GLVGalvanostatic Linear Voltammetry
GCVGalvanostatic Cyclic Voltammetry
SWVSquare Wave Voltammetry
NPVNormal Pulse Voltammetry
ACVAlternating Current Voltammetry
DPVDifferential Pulse Voltammetry
DNVDifferential Normal Pulse Voltammetry
DAVDifferential Alternate Pulse Voltammetry
LSSLinear Scan Stripping
ACSAlternate Current Stripping
SWSSquare Wave Stripping
DASDifferential Stripping
DPSDifferential Pulse Stripping
DNSDifferential Normal Pulse Stripping
PSAPotentiometric Stripping Analysis
CCSAConstant Current Stripping Analysis

Specifications are subject to change without previous notice