2131 Conductivity&Temperature Meter

Improved performances and new features

Using the full power of its microprocessor core, the instrument tunes the measuring method according to the electrode’s need up to an unrivalled precision and stability.

Model 2131 is ready to take the user to a new level of precision and reliability, running continuous measurements for fast and precise measurements even in flowing liquid or rapidly evolving systems. The instrument has been designed for everyday use with a durable aluminium case, a sturdy and splashproof keyboard, a built-in flexible electrode support and user-friendly interface. The instrument is easily connected to the PC for data transfer via USB 2.0 interface.


Conductivity0 to 1,9999μS/cm0,1nS ±3digit±2%
 0 to 19,999μS/cm1nS ±3digit±1%
 0 to 199,99μS/cm10nS ±3digit±0,5%
 0 to 1,9999mS/cm100nS ±3digit±0,5%
 0 to 19,999mS/cm1μS ±3digit±0,5%
 0 to 199,99mS/cm10μS ±3digit±1%
 0 to 1,9999S/cm100μS ±3digit±1,5%
Temperature-20,0 to +120,0°C0,1°C±0,2°C upon PT1000 class
Total Dissolved Solid (TDS)0 to 1000g/L
Reference Temperature0 to 120°C
Coefficient of Variation0 to 10%/°C
Standard Solutions
(automatically recognized)
Temperature SensorPT1000
Cell Constant0,1 to 32,0cm
Display2x 20 characters backlight LCD
Calibration MenuMicroprocessor-based system with step-through menu
Communication InterfaceUSB 1.0 (COM port simulation)
Power Supply and Dimensions
Voltage Mains100 to 240V AC ±10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption10W maximum
Dimensions (L x W x H)220 x 210 x 120mm

Specifications are subject to change without previous notice